Workers’ Compensation Insurance Services

Owen-Dunn helps you control workers’ compensation insurance costs while increasing employee morale and productivity

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Services

Workers’ compensation laws place challenging demands on business insurance and HR programs. A cost effective workers’ compensation program begins by designing and implementing hiring and HR compliance best practice policies.

Tailored Program Designed to Meet Your Unique Needs
At Owen-Dunn, our goal is to understand the unique challenges your business faces and to develop a tailored risk management strategy. With this in mind, we design the most cost-effective risk management strategy available in the marketplace. Regardless of which option you choose – captive, large or small deductible, self-insured group or traditional first dollar insurance – our value added services help minimize cost and maximize employee productivity.

Our In-house HR Consulting Team
Managing employees is both an art and a science. An added challenge is that productivity and regulatory compliance may not always be in alignment. Our goal is maximizing profits by helping create and maintain a safe, healthy, and productive work environment.

Claims Management Support
Our experienced claims experts monitor losses from the date reported until they are resolved. While advocating for the best possible outcome we foster a spirit of cooperation with the insurance adjuster and offer them a “third eye.” This interaction effectively helps you control your claims costs.

These policies also place an employer in a defensible position which helps mitigate the potentially costly fines which can be levied due to state and federal employment and labor law mandates. With Owen-Dunn consulting and insurance products, your workers’ compensation insurance program can achieve the best possible results.

To schedule a no-cost workers’ compensation insurance review, please contact us online or give us a call at (916) 993-2700.