HR Support

Managing a company’s human resources is both an art and a science, requiring the ability to work with people as well as the knowledge of the myriad of changing laws.

At AssuredPartners, our professionals have the resources to supplement our client’s staff with our expertise in up to date products, services, trends, and employment law issues.

Employment law, both state and federal, contains strict regulations which come with the added challenge of changing with some frequency. Staying in compliance is a trial for any business management team. With crushing financial penalties for noncompliance, it is essential to keep up with the law. AssuredPartners Insurance uses a team approach to help our clients do just that. We have in- house experts in workers’ compensation, safety, employee benefits and human resources who regularly advise clients on their individual issues. We give classes in our office on best practices and invite attorneys from the community to address changes in the law.

In conjunction with our client’s management team we work to improve the productivity of their employees and to mitigate HR compliance risk exposure. A firm’s employee hiring, management, disciplinary and termination policies can have as much of an impact on their profitability as their compensation and benefit packages. Creating a “defensible” position and transferring some risk to an employment practices liability insurance policy (EPLI) mitigates the potential of loss and also allows the organization to focus on core business practices.

At AssuredPartners our in-house professionals design tailored incentive plans that work well to gain employee buy in and to align labor and management goals. The resulting higher employee retention rate and increased productivity lead to greater satisfaction and greater profit margins.