Claims Management

Claims management can be both financially and emotionally stressful for everyone – letting AssuredPartners help you plan before an incident can minimize stress for both you and your employee.

A workplace injury is often a traumatic event with far-reaching emotional and economic consequences to business owners, their employees and their customers. AssuredPartners plays an active role in the life of a claim by supporting our clients throughout the entire process. Our highly qualified in-house claims professionals have our clients’ interests in mind, and are focused on achieving the best possible claims outcome from the start. We offer training on claims handling to our clients, focusing on teaching best practices. We are also available to discuss individual claims and give individualized advice to our clients.

In the case of an industrial injury, an employer has the responsibility to provide the injured worker with appropriate medical care. AssuredPartners assists employers in establishing a good working relationship with medical providers. AssuredPartners trains clients on proper investigative practices. In cases of questionable injury, we ensure that the claims adjusters know the questionable aspects of the claim and that they take appropriate action.

At AssuredPartners, we help our clients design and implement effective return to work programs. We know that the surest method of reducing the length and cost of a claim is to return injured employees to modified work as soon as possible.

AssuredPartners’ workers’ compensation claims specialists review the reserves which are set by the adjusters and work to keep them in line with appropriate, rather than inflated, projected costs of the claim. Finally, we integrate our claims management services with creative intermediation between our clients and their insurance claims administrators, improving cooperation and communication throughout the claim.