Reduce Claim Frequency & Costs with On-Site Care

As of January 1, 2018, an employers’ option to pay claims under the California Labor Code’s definition of first aid was eliminated. In conjunction with lower primary thresholds, we are seeing experience modifications on the rise. It is more important than ever to reduce claim frequency and the costs that drive up your experience modifications.

To combat these changes, we are suggesting our clients consider contracting with a provider of 24-hour, on-site health and safety services. These companies dispatch trained technicians to the work site and address minor injuries reducing the need for employees to visit a medical facility.

These on-site response services can help keep minor injuries from snowballing into claims that would otherwise impact your experience modifications. In short, if a technician is able to manage the minor injury on the job site without a referral to a medical facility, there is no claim. The employer would simply have an out-of-pocket charge for that service.

While there are a number of providers of these services, a few of our clients have reported excellent results from On-Site Health & Safety. To review a list of their services, click below or call Kristi O’Connor at (916) 993-2757 or Annabelle Baligod at (916) 993-2734. Owen-Dunn’s claims management experts are happy to assist in identifying an appropriate service provider for your company to engage.

Download the On-Site Health & Safety Description of Services