• OSHA Updates
OSHA Update

As you know, effective January 1, 2017, employers in states regulated by Federal OSHA were required to electronically submit OSHA 300 Log records of injuries and illnesses. Even though California had not yet adopted its own state rule, Cal/OSHA advised affected employers to comply with Federal OSHA’s directive to provide Form 300A data covering calendar […]

  • Employee Benefits Advisory
Employee Benefits Advisory – Benefits Bulletin

Where has the year gone? At one of the busiest times of the year, don’t forget to take the time to review the following and ensure you start 2019 on the right foot: Expiration Date Extended for Model Exchange Notices IRS & DOL Provide Guidance on AHPs Limits for HSAs and HDHPs will Increase for […]

  • Labor Law Updates
Common Wage Statement Errors

Employers know how important it is to stay compliant when it comes to promptly and accurately paying their employees. However, simple wage statement errors can result in expensive class-action or PAGA claims, even when the amount of pay is accurate and timely. At a minimum, wage statements must include: Total hours worked by the employee […]

IT Update | How to Spot a Phishing Attempt

Phishing continues to be a pain point for many organizations. We know you are committed to keeping your company’s infrastructure up-to-date, compliant and safe, but a big part of security is your employees knowing and observing best practices. With that in mind, please take a look at the “How to Spot a Phishing Attempt” flyer […]

  • HR Advisory
HR Advisory – Job Applicants and Social Media

If you’re ignoring social media, you’re denying an increasingly common recruitment tactic While there can be benefits to screening the internet for public information about a job candidate, be aware of the many risks associated with this new-age method. How to use social media effectively for applicant screening: Create a social media screening policy Prepare […]