Employee Benefit Plans, Supporting Your Team Where It Matters

With excellent employee benefit programs from Owen-Dunn Insurance Services, you can attract and retain high-performing human resource talent – this leads to increased profits and opportunities for business expansion


Employee benefit plans are a magnet for a qualified workforce, and they can give employers a significant competitive edge in the marketplace.  However, continuous rate increases and an ever changing, complicated regulatory environment are placing unprecedented demands on HR departments.   Providing employees with a competitive, yet cost effective, benefit package has never been more challenging.

At Owen-Dunn, we use a consultative team approach, which combines the expertise of our insurance and HR consulting practices with our clients’ management teams. Working together, we walk you through a systematic, six-step process:

  • Identify loss exposures
  • Evaluate loss exposures
  • Analyze feasibility of each benefit plan
  • Select appropriate employee benefit plan(s)
  • Implement selected plan
  • Monitor results and revise if necessary

With these six steps, our clients overcome any regulatory hurdles to create a competitive and attractive employee benefit plan. Please contact us today to schedule a no-cost employee benefits and compliance analysis. Call us at (916) 993-2700 or email [email protected] for more information.

Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Benefits

Passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has resulted in many new group health insurance products and services. At Owen-Dunn, we believe in the value of innovation, but also understand that change can open the door to litigation. With ample due diligence, our tailored employee benefit plans create solutions before there’s a problem. Owen-Dunn has the support to safely navigate the changes.

Covered California

Owen-Dunn believes that it’s important that we, as your employee benefit consultants, assist all of your non-benefit eligible employees to get coverage through the California Health Insurance Exchange called Covered California.

Our team at Owen-Dunn Insurance Services can tailor the right plan for you, including:
  • Medical, dental, vision, and chiropractic
  • High deductible health plans with health savings accounts (HSA)
  • Partial or full self-funded medical/dental plans
  • Benefit captives
  • Life insurance
  • Short term and long term disability
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)