Captive Insurance and Alternative Risk Financing

Participating in a captive insurance program with Owen-Dunn can be a cost effective alternative to traditional commercial insurance

 Captive Insurance and Alternative Risk Financing

Owen-Dunn is one of the most successful brokerages in the group captive business, helping clients accrue more than $26 million in equity and reduce their overall cost of insurance. No brokerage has been in the captive business longer and more effectively than Owen-Dunn. Captive business is our agency’s single largest focus and we’ve been successfully performing for our clients for more than a decade. Through our captive insurance services, you’ll receive total support and transparency and will see your entire business performance improve as a result.

Many Fortune-500 companies own their own captive insurance subsidiary and effectively use it to lower their cost-of-risk. By pooling risks together in a group captive program, smaller companies gain many of the same competitive advantages enjoyed by much larger entities.

Captive insurance groups fall under many of the same favorable tax and accounting laws as do traditional insurance companies. Better yet, a captive program that is owned by its policy holders retains these profits for the benefit of its members, unlike a traditional insurance company that distributes profit to its outside stockholders. These advantages make it possible to accumulate a substantial profit.

In a captive program, the members have more control of the claims process, particularly in the area of workers’ compensation. Assistance is given to the members to develop effective loss control programs to reduce the incidence of injuries. When there is a workers’ compensation claim, there is closer communication between the claims personnel, medical providers, and the employer, and all parties work toward returning the injured worker back to productive employment. All of this improves employee productivity and contributes to higher profit margins.

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