Bonding and Surety Products

From a simple license bond to more complex construction surety needs, Owen-Dunn helps keep your business moving forward

Competitive and financially stable bonding products are essential for the operation of many businesses.Owen-Dunn’s expertise and access to A-rated bonding/surety markets give our clients peace-of-mind.

Although closely related, surety is not insurance.  It is a guarantee that the bond issuer (Surety company) will fulfill the bonded obligation a business entity Principal has made to a third party (Obligee).  If the Principal does not fulfill the bonded obligation, the Surety company is required to satisfy the obligation or pay a pre-determined financial penalty for not doing so.

A Surety company making payment to an Obligee has the legal right to recover that amount, and related expenses, from the Principal. On the other hand, an insurance company making payment for a covered loss does not have the legal right to recover any amount — excess of applicable deductible — for that loss from the policyholder on whose behalf payment was made.

Our experienced consultants know that the fundamental legal difference between bonding and insurance requires product knowledge and skill sets above and beyond property and casualty insurance. At Owen-Dunn, we understand that time is money in your business.  With our established surety accounts, our experienced staff strives for a rapid response time to keep your business moving forward.

Owen-Dunn Bonding and Surety Products Include:

  • Contract Surety
  • Commercial Surety
  • License
  • Permit
  • Court
  • Miscellaneous

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